Warum ich gern ein Entscheidungsmensch wäre

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Um ehrlich zu sein, beneide ich jene Menschen, die rational und schnell Entscheidungen treffen können. In letzter Zeit habe ich mir auch immer wieder gewünscht so jemand zu sein. Vorallem jetzt, wo es wieder einmal nötig ist, einen Blick in die Zukunft zu werfen, um nicht völlig verwirrt in einigen Monaten dazustehen und mich darüber zu wundern, warum ich das alles nicht schon eher in Angriff genommen habe. Dabei geht es gar nicht darum, dass ich planlos bin und keine Ideen für meine Zukunft habe, denn das habe ich eigentlich schon recht genau im Kopf. Es sind nur so viele Entscheidungen, die auf einmal getroffen werden wollen: wann mache ich das, wie mache ich dies, um was soll ich mich zuerst kümmern, was kann warten. Ich habe so viele Ideen und Pläne und Wünsche, die ich am liebsten alle auf einmal erledigen möchte. Da kommt wieder ein Charakterzug von mir zum Vorschein, der gerade jetzt aber wohl eher Fluch als Segen ist: alles zu überdenken und schon gefällte Entscheidungen erneut infragezustellen. Ich möchte eigentlich nicht gleich studieren, zuerst arbeiten, mit dem Geld ins Ausland, danach für das Studium bewerben, hier studieren, dann eigentlich gern wieder nach Schweden. Was ist aber wenn ich für das Studium nicht genommen werde, wann soll ich mich für Arbeit bewerben zwischen den ganzen schulischen Aufgaben, wo soll ich mich bewerben, wie soll das gehen, dass ich zu einem Hearing für das Studium gehe, während ich eigentlich vorhabe, zu dieser Zeit im Ausland zu sein... Und sollte ich nicht vielleicht doch gleich studieren?

Manchmal wäre ich einfach gern ein Entscheidungsmensch.

Todays look is from February 2017.
Coat: from my mum | Shirt: Vintage via Dogdays Of Summer | Denim Jeans: Mango (old) | Belt: from my dad | Shoes: Gamloong via Humanic | Earrings, Ring: H&M (old)

february recap

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017 | / | 7 Kommentare

Today, it's the last day of our little semester break from school, which means tomorrow starts a new week with new tasks for the second semester. It will also be the last school semester ever for me, and I'm just beyond excited to end school soon. At the same time, a very vague time lies in front of me and all my classmates. It's definitely going to be hard to leave the surroundings I got so used to in these four years. Nevertheless, I need to keep focused at the last couple of months which won't be easy. The first part of our A-levels will be the final paper which needs to be handed in this friday at the latest. I'm so glad because I finally finished it last week on Monday and it feels just so good to be done. I'm gonna print it these days and then the only thing left will be the presentation in front of a committee, but since I really enjoy talking about this topic it won't be too difficult.

Oh and then of course today is the Oscar Night too. Needless to say that La La Land is the biggest favorite this year. I've seen it I think two weeks ago with two friends of mine. I don't know, maybe it was because of the high expectations I had, but it didn't really catch me like other movies did before. The Storyline wasn't the most exciting one, and I kinda just waited the whole time for a highlight, some deeper message behind it, but there was none. Still, it was a great evening and especially the music deserves in my eyes an Oscar. Really great songs, which I could listen to for hours and hours. My absolute favorite one is Audition - The fools who dream.

Then I read some great blogposts this month. Masha for example gives some tips for a more hygge life on her blog and also explains the word hygge. It's a Danish term actually, in Swedish it would be called mysig. In Scandinavia, these words have so many different meanings, but I think Masha explains it very good. It also reminded me how badly I miss this mentality.
Maddie, whose blog dariadaria I absolutely adore, has written two really amazing articles (to be exact, one of them is a vlog). First, a reflection about herself and how to answer the question "Who am I". Secondly, a video where she talks about seven reasons to travel alone. I thought about this quite often in the last couple of days, because I really want to go and travel solo for a couple of weeks/months after I graduated, but I don't really know yet where/when/how. Her video just made me so excited about going abroad once again soon.
The next super interesting blogpost actually fits the issue of traveling solo. Jana writes about being alone in public. Even if you choose to go alone somewhere, there is always this little feeling of what other people might think etc. etc. I by myself feel sometimes really weird in places, where everybody seems to have someone to talk to.
Last but not least, Kristina Bazan published a massive travel guide to Tokyo on her blog. I need to admit that I've never been really attracted of the countries and cultures of Asia, but after I got to know some people from China and Japan during my exchange year, I got more interested about traveling there. And this Guide just reminds me once again of my endless Travel Bucket List.
Besides the Wanderlust, I've got another major craving right now. Aren't these glasses you see on the picture above amazing??? They are called "Voyager" and are produced by the sustainable label Viu Eyewear. Not only are their glasses good-looking, but they have also prices which are actually affordable. They are without doubt on top of my wishlist, but I wanna wait with buying one pair until they open their new shop in my city.

Since the next four or five weeks are going to be quite stressful, I prepared some posts for you. Hope you like them and I wish you a good start for the week ahead!