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Wie in meinem letzten Post versprochen, hier ein paar mehr Bilder von dem Nachmittag mit Monika und Matthias. Sowohl im letzten als auch im vorletzten Eintrag habe ich schon ein wenig von den Hintergründen erzählt, wie es zu diesem Shooting gekommen ist. Es war ein wirklich schöner Nachmittag und wie ich früher bereits erwähnt habe, der Verlauf und auch die Ergebnisse von diesem Tag haben mich wirklich positiv überrascht. Ich bin weit weg davon, in irgendeiner Art einen "professionellen" Anspruch an meine Bilder zu haben und habe aus diesem Grund bisher auch nur mit guten Freunden von mir fotografiert, wo ich wusste, weder ich noch meine Freunde haben Erwartungen an das, was nach ein paar Stunden "durch die Gegend streifen" herauskommt. Daher auch die riesige Freude, als wir bei diesem Shooting nach gut drei Stunden alle zusammen am Bahnhof saßen, um schnell alle Bilder zu sichten. Ich wäre die letzte gewesen, im Vorfeld zu behaupten, dass diese paar Stunden fotografieren in solch diversen und schönen Bildern enden. Monika und Matthias haben sich wahnsinnig toll ergänzt und schlussendlich wirkte es beinahe so, als würden wir uns alle schon seit einer Ewigkeit kennen. Meine Begeisterung für diesen fantastischen Tag nimmt kein Ende, und weil ich nicht weiß, welchen schriftlichen Rahmen ich diesen Bildern sonst geben soll, wurde es wieder einmal eine kleine Lobeshymne.
Und ach, als kleinen Cliffhanger für die nächsten paar Portraits, die in einem etwas anderen "Setting" entstanden sind: Martina, die bunten Kamele, sie warten noch auf ihren Einsatz! ;)

EN: Finally some more pictures from the shoot last Monday, just as promised. I've told you in the last two posts already about the background of this shoot and how it came that I photographed for the first time some kind of a "pair shooting" (although these two are more like siblings, also because their facial expressions were sometimes incredible similiar!). It was a really beautiful afternoon and as I've written in the posts before, I got really surprised by the outcomes of this shoot. I'm far away from having any "professional" demands towards my pictures. This is also why I until now only photographed good friends of mine, when I knew that neither I nor my friends got any expectations on the results. We were simply strolling around and when we found an interesting place to shoot, we stopped and took a few pictures. Hence, we were really happy after this shooting when we all together sat at the train station, taking a quick look at all of the pictures. Monika and Matthias complemented each other really good and after three hours of shooting, it almost seemed like we have known one another for longer. My enthusiasm for this fantastic day has no ending, but since I didn't know what else I should write within the context of these pictures, this post turned once more into a hymn of praise.
I'll definitely publish some more portraits which we took in a quite different "setting".

Falls jemand interessiert daran ist woher ich die Inspiration für diverse Posen und Settings bekomme, schaut gern auf meine Pinterest Wand. Ich sammle die meisten Ideen dort und liebe es, diese dann auch in meinen eigenen Bildern umzusetzen. Bin ich übrigens die einzige hier, die so verrückt nach Pinterest ist? Ich könnte Stunden auf dieser Plattform verbringen... Von nichts lasse ich mich so leicht ablenken wie von Pinterest, und plötzlich ist wieder eine Stunde vergangen.
<<<<< Der ultimative Beweis dass wir mehr Spaß hatten als es auf den Bildern oberhalb aussieht. ;)

EN: In case you're interested in my source of inspiration, just take a look at my Pinterest board. I collect most of my ideas there and I just love to transform those ideas into my own pictures. Am I the only one here who is so much into Pinterest? I mean I could spend hours with collecting pins there...

focused! [happy 4th birthday, lizblick]

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Dear readers,

today's a special day! My blog is online since exactly four years now and it feels both like a long and a short span of time. When I think of the blog itself it really feels not like four years, maybe also because I took some time off in between (like during my exchange year) or didn't post regularly (which I still don't do, but that's another thing...). On the other hand, thinking about what has happened in my life "offline" and besides the blog, four years seem like an eternity. I had just turned 14 when I started the blog and published the very first entry which you can see above. I wrote mostly about myself and already at that time I knew that I don't pursue a "blog career" - meaning: no obligation for regular posts and being completely free regarding creating content and taking time to publish anything on the blog. Since this very first post, I still feel like Lizblick is my little public diary, with the exception that I'm able to share my thoughts with you which I really like about this kind of "diary". Plus, it's nice to look up old postings and to remind myself what I've done during all these years (especially since I have a very bad memory...). I hope to be able to continue this journey and maybe also get in contact with even more people, sharing and discussing all the big and small things in life which make me glad, upset or thoughtful.
All in all, these four years have been an amazing time and I'm really looking forward to what's coming next.

Apart from the birthday words there is another reason for this slightly special day. At least for me, because my latest shooting on Monday was a bit different than the ones I've done before. I've already told you in my last post a little bit about the background.

Maybe you noticed this already if you have followed the blog for some time past, but my love for photographing started almost at the same time I began writing on the blog. Photographing was somehow always the connection between the blog and my personal life. It's the same thing with photographing as it is with the blog, I do it because I like to keep memories and because I feel absolutely no kind of obligation to be professional. I don't feel the need to fulfill someone else's expectations and I can do simply what I feel like doing. After a time, when I photographed pretty much everything in my surroundings, I got more and more interested in people and portrait photography. I like how the expression of people tells a story and exposes their very own, private feelings.

This brings me to the following pictures from our shoot last Monday. First of all, I'm beyond grateful that I was able to shoot these two beautiful human beings, Monika and Matthias. Monika is a dear friend of mine and I really admire her positive, open-minded character. A countless amount of time we talked about shooting ideas and she is just so enthusiastic about every single one. And, as I told you in my last post, I've never met Matthias before, so I literally didn't know what expectations he would have towards the shoot or simply what he was like. I was really surprised and glad that he turned out to be just as cheerful and excited as all of us. And well, we didn't wanna stop shooting because after the "awkward first half an hour" (as I call it) it was just getting better and better with every minute. I think we all enjoyed this afternoon to the fullest. So huge thanks to both of them and of course also a million thanks to my beloved friend Martina, who always makes everybody laugh and have fun! Those days are exactly the reason why I love photographing so much. The pictures below are just a few which I think sum up this post/the day quite good, but there will be of course a lot more which I'm gonna show you soon.

Happy Easter and have a great beginning of the week!

Todays pictures are from April 2017.
Models: Matthias | Monika