why second hand is the way to go

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Maybe you've already recognized it. The change in my choice of clothes. Not necessarily the change of my style, I think more about single pieces which I'm wearing nowadays.
It slowly began during my childhood and developed to a real attitude. I'm talking about Second Hand. Second Hand and Vintage are probably the most used words when describing the trend of Hipsters. But I believe the meaning of Second Hand is going way further than just being a short-time trend. I guess that most of you sometimes already wore pieces of your siblings, cousins or whomsoever. Why did you stop doing that when you got older? Why is it weird to answer people "It's from my sister" when they ask where your "new" jeans is from? When I was younger I've got a bunch of stuff from my cousins and I was always so happy when they gave me some of their old clothes. At the age of 14, this changed completely. I still got things from my relatives but I felt like a "recycling place" with all their old clothes hanging in my closet. I wanted to go shopping, buy the latest trends and be able to tell my friends which brand my new jacket was.
And my way of dressing changed again while I was in Sweden. This had mainly two reasons. For the first time in my life, I had to take controll over my finances all by myself. I started to realize very soon that it's actually more difficult than I thought it would be. I wanted to spend more money on adventures and less on unimportant things like clothes. Although I still wanted to go shopping. Thanks to my hostsister and some friends I explored the world of Second Hand Shops in Sweden. And I loved it! Firstly, because it was cheap and secondly, because it reflects the style of people in this particular area.
But there are several reasons why buying Second Hand is the future. It's a sign against waste, overproduction and unfair working conditions. Of course it's only one small step on the way to a more conscious thinking society, but it's an important one. The complete change to Second Hand won't happen within a day, it's actually a slow process. However, it has to start somewhere.
The hunting after unique Second Hand pieces will definitely continue and I'm happy to take you with me on this journey!

If you want to read more about why Second Hand is the way to go, take a look on the articles linked below.
Lisa writes about how to end the fast fashion madness and about good reasons for giving your clothes a second life. She gives even some tips to people who want to change their shopping habits. Maddie from dariadaria published an excellent post on the catastrophic fashion industry. Let you inspire to buy some fair fashion items by the article on heylilahey. And last but not least, I strongly recommend you to read this awesome column (written in german) on glowing - I promise you'll start to think differently after you've read it.

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Todays look is from September 2015.
Oversized Blouse: Second Hand (Ralph Lauren) | Jeans: Second Hand (Trussardi) | Shoes: H&M (old) | Backpack: Second Hand

it's all about changes

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Autumn has arrived. This beautiful season is my favorite one of the year, with all the leaves slowly falling from trees. It's for sure the most changing season, everything old gets a new shade. I like autumn also because you finally get some silent moments for yourself. Autumn is just the perfect time for new beginnings, new aims and new motivation.

Although I've to be honest with myself. This last week was very exhausting. I didn't sleep well (or enough), I felt super stressed because I didn't get done what I had to get done (or just last minute) and in general nothing worked out the way I wanted it to. People who know me know that I like things to work out as planned in order to avoid stress. But I felt just extremly unmotivated and therefore I neither had the energy nor the the right motivation to get stuff done. When I came home from school, I felt really tired and took a nap, but instead of taking a nap, I slept the whole afternoon because I didn't get enough sleep during the nights. On top of that, my phone fell in the toilet and of course it was broken, so I had to order a new phone too, which makes the number on my bank account even smaller. And so this week was simply an endless circle of bad habits.
But a new week is waiting around the corner and I try to see things positive again. Just as autumn is the time of changes.

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