art project - two

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017 | / | 1 Kommentar
Ich möchte wieder so ein bisschen Kind sein
Wieder unbeschwert durch die Gegend laufen können
Will mir nicht die Worte anhören
All das, was die anderen so einfach sagen

Ich möchte wieder so ein bisschen Kind sein
Wieder atmen können und schreien
Will vieles nicht sehen können
All das, worüber die anderen morgen wieder reden werden

Dabei war ich doch diejenige
Die früher immer so erwachsen sein wollte
Und kein Kind mehr sein

Ich will so vieles nicht mehr hören
Früher war es so einfach
Ich hielt die Hände an meine Ohren
Und hörte nichts mehr, es war so leicht

Jetzt, jetzt muss ich alles hören
Kann auch nicht mehr die Augen verschließen
So wie ich es früher gemacht hab

Hätte mir das doch nur jemand gesagt,
ja dann, dann hätte ich einen Plan gehabt,
dann, da bin ich mir sicher, dann wäre alles
wirklich alles, anders  

Ich will wieder so ein bisschen Kind sein
So unbeschwert durch die Gegend laufen können
Will nicht die Worte hören

I wrote these words almost exactly three years ago. Back then, I had sometimes these philosophical thoughts which didn't let me fall asleep. Instead, I often took the time to write my thoughts down, sometimes digital and sometimes on paper. While getting through old documents on my laptop, I found some of these notes again. No idea what my intention behind these words was, I'm not even sure I had some intentions while writing it. During these sleepless nights, a thousand of ideas were buzzing around in my mind. I liked the messy way of how letters kept forming themselves into words, pouring down on the paper. There were no rules, no advice given to me. Just myself lying in bed, holding a pen in my hand and thinking about how big and endless this world seems to me.
Today, these nights are rarely happening anymore. But the words haven't stopped floating down my mind.

[may I introduce: Edina, a dear friend and classmate of mine. This was the same art project which I told you about already in the last post, but this picture is definitely one of my favorite ones. You might recognize the tribute to Frida Kahlo.]

art project - one

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017 | | 6 Kommentare
I wanted to publish these pictures sooner, actually directly after we shot them in November/December, but I never found an intro, something to say about it. I still don't know how to start, but well, a little bit of explaining won't hurt. We did the most interesting project in our art class in my opinion this year. The task was to create citates of (more or less) known pictures and to add somehow our own "messages" to it. I found this amazing collage of portraits of Meryl Streep, shot by Annie Leibovitz, somewhere at pinterest when I looked for inspiration. I think everybody is free to interpret these pictures by themselves, but I was so happy with the outcome of this project that I simply wanted to show them here on the blog too. Maybe you also recognize Monika, we did shoot some pictures before. I think I'm also going to make a second blogpost about this art project with pictures from other classmates of mine.